The installation of solar systems in industries can result in a lot of savings. Industries have the required capital and real estate for the installation for large systems that will produce more solar energy. Thakre SolarSys has many industries as our clientele. We offer complete O&M (Operation & Management) and EPC services to industries. Since industry orders are large, we also offer them the best bulk prices for our solar products and services. All the systems are thoroughly checked for performance, and annual maintenance are also offered at good prices, which ensure the systems run great, and our clients save a lot of money through the use of solar systems. Therefore, get in touch with us today for the industrial sized solar systems.  

Solar as a Service

Thakre SolarSys provide Solar as a Service. How this works is that we install all the required solar systems in your home/land/real estate, and in return, you purchase power from us. This system is similar to the deal you have with your electricity provider. The difference is that you will be using clean solar energy produced by our system at a lower rate. All you have to do is provide Thakre SolarSys space to install the solar energy generation system. Individual home owners can consider, Solar as a Service is also quite beneficial to housing societies. Get in touch with us today for the best rates.

Solar PV Systems

PV in Solar PV Systems stands for Photovoltaic. They generate electricity by using sunlight. Contrary to misconception, they also generate electricity during rainy and cloudy. The only thing is that the generation capacity is low. We install these PV panels and systems into your homes for them to generate electricity for you. In just a matter of few years, these systems will pay for themselves in the form of savings on electricity. We offer full solar systems at exceptional rates. You will be generating free electricity for your in no time. Get in touch with us at the earliest for special rates.

Wind Energy Generator Systems

After solar, wind is the next upcoming form of clean energy. It is also termed as a form of solar energy. Wind turbines use the energy of the wind to generate electricity. As the fans of the turbines spin, the energy is generated. Thakre SolarSys, also provides services like O&M and EPC for Wind Energy Generator Systems. This is a land intensive system, and requires some real estate, and maintenance, since it has many moving parts. The main advantage is that if there are strong winds all year round, you generate electricity throughout the year.